6:57 Nobody else wanted this username and now Simon was the only teen left in town alone without anyone to talk to nor a thing to do but help his father's bussniues of the back end of the house being a fruit vendor he sighed; having spent another afternoon sorting oranges Simon: ".....  :( .....another day wasted being a FRUIT vendor.... *he looks longingly to the tall grass beyond* " 7:07 Superdawnfan

  • Violet after sneaking out with no idea what to do or where to go*

Violet: This should be easy if I just had a map.... but no one gave me one nor do I know who to trust or anything.... ugh, who knew this could be so hard 7:14 Nobody else wanted this username the grass around her rustles with wild pokemon she couldnt see 7:15 Superdawnfan

  • Violet not getting far runs and hits a tree then suffers an attack not having any items on her* Um SOMEONE HELP!? WHERE DO I GET POKEBALLS HOW DO I STOP THIS THING!?

Violet: Someone is anybody here?! ANYBODY?! Welcome to the Escapefromeveryone Wiki chat 7:21 Nobody else wanted this username

  • Note to Violet: NEVER sneak out into the wild without any pokemon*
  • lol*

7:21 Superdawnfan

  • should've read the pokemon handbook, main trait is reckless lol*

7:23 Nobody else wanted this username

  • lol*
  • she was clearly in no condition to be out in the wild without pokemon*
  • but with her helicopter parenting mom; she didnt wanna go back home*
  • where could she go?*
  • an idea popped into her head; Simon's Basement*
  • she could stay there for a bit till she could acquire a pokemon*

7:25 Superdawnfan Violet: hey.... *she runs jumping over simon's fence hoping his dad somehow conveniently doesn't notice* 7:26 Nobody else wanted this username

  • an open window to the basement*

7:27 Superdawnfan Violet: *Runs and jumps in clattering a million things with her idiocracy, the player's probably thinking "seriously, how the hell did she get out of her own home in the first place* 7:30 Nobody else wanted this username

  • but lucky for her; nobody notices*

7:30 Superdawnfan

  • Violet thanks the lord for her million 'deus ex machinas"*

7:32 Nobody else wanted this username

  • hours pass
  • and night falls as she remains hidden in the basement*
  • when footsteps come down the beaten stairs*
  • a pajamed simon; grumbling and mumbling*
  • collapsing to the couch*

7:33 Superdawnfan Violet: *Starting to think* Alright now that I'm here, mayyyyyyybe I can find something valuable. I mean what's the big difference, between fruits and pokemon? Like fruit is eaten by pokemon and helps them survive so like maybe I can find the key to the meaning of life of pokemon... Violet: *She climbs up as people are sleeping* Maybe I should check for danger.... *She peaks up* IS ANYONE AWAKE?! ok good ghost is clear (I'm only a half hour into this and already am not exactly sure of why I'm doing my own actions lol) Violet: alright... *sneaks around* there HAS to be something valuable somewhere 7:36 Nobody else wanted this username (yeah she's very....unorthadox)

  • what she needs is a pokemon*
  • and the best way to find one is in the labs of the local lab of the professor; Beatrice Sequoia*

7:39 Superdawnfan Violet: Hmm... *looks at a map* I never saw this place before I better go *she scurries and trips over couch* WAH! 7:39 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "AAAAH HOLY- *in his panic enduced awakening he ends up panic elbowing Violet in the face* 7:40 Superdawnfan Violet: I just wanted to get a map and my uh daily obstacle course involved uh breaking into houses and jumping over fences simueltaneously getting your shock nerve used to pain and highering tolerance by uh knocking stuff over Violet: my nose it hurts *holding it* 7:41 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "V-Violet....! What are you doing in my basement its 1 AM" 7:41 Superdawnfan Violet: I just told you..... a little obstacle course- Ok you're not falling for it (NOW She's catching on lol) Violet: I was searching for a way to get to someone and I figured scientists are usually experimenting on things and analyzing life... so they'd give something away for research so I stole a map... this was after I left home because my mother got so so scared for me and apparently when you go into the wild without pokemon the pocket monsters tend to attack you and I didn't have the common knowlege to see that 7:44 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: ".....y...i just.....Aaagh! I dont have the energy for this at 1 am...." 7:46 Superdawnfan Violet: come on buddy you wanted to go on an adventure to didn't you? you're coming with me.... especially because I can't have anyone else in this town telling my mom where I am... Please just *she picks him up trying to drag him out* 7:46 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "I cant; dad wont let me and I dont have a pokemon" 7:47 Superdawnfan Violet: which is why we're going out at one AM In a uninhabited town to go and take from some well known scientist Violet: It's a long walk and her lab should be open *she drops him* ugh who knew carrying a stick could be so heavy! 7:50 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "We are not stealing from Professor Seqouia" 7:51 Superdawnfan Violet: Exactly which is why we're going now if we took it in the middle of the night it'd be stealing but at One AM we can at least... um... ask for it? and it's a long walk it would be a while before we got there 7:53 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "We-...I ju-....ey.............. uuuuuuuuuuuuugh Violet why are you so.....Violet-ish?" 7:54 Superdawnfan Violet: So we wait until she's awake hope that for some reason she hands off pocket monsters to children and hope we can make it into the dogfighting I mean pokemon tournament (Lmao I'm betting many ask the same thing) (or at least will as she lives in a secluded town with a mother who rarely let's her go outside lol) 7:55 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "It is NOT like that! It's highly prestiougs and a sign of growing up!" 7:57 Superdawnfan Violet: :well if you know so much about it, why don't you go out and do it? I don't see any sign of independence from you living with your dad, never standing up for yourself.... So are you never gonna grow up?" 7:59 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Im not the one who ran away without a plan!" 7:59 Superdawnfan Violet: "well have you planned anything at all? or did you just decide to stay in your own hell?" 8:00 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Well i-

  • The light in the basement turns on*
  • and at the head of the stairs; Craig and Catherine stand*
  • having heard the ruckus they were causing*

8:01 Superdawnfan Violet: WAIT! I can explain uh.... Violet: I wasn't in here by choice.... uh.... I got locked in 8:02 Nobody else wanted this username Craig: "......" 8:05 Superdawnfan Violet: "I came here to discuss the magics of fruits.... and Simon got me trapped here because he wanted to um uh Violet: Explore stuff and tripped the lock by accident? 8:05 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Liar" Craig: "Enough; both of you" 8:07 Superdawnfan Catherine: Sweetie, why didn't you speak to me about leaving? Violet: "I just thought you two wouldn't let us go... So the obvious option was to run away keep any witnesses-I mean companions I could find. Then to never return until I was done traveling would've been the best option... 8:11 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "As....reckless as she is; Violet's right. You cant keep us leashed forever. We're teens now. Almost adults. We can take care of ourselves out there" Craig: "No you cant; you dont understand it" Simon: "Why not dad?" Craig: "Because I know what happens when people go out and be pokemon trainers; they dont come back. MY brother never did"

  • a silence*
  • how sad*

Simon: "...." Craig: "Dwayne said he'd be back. He'd visit for holidays..........I didnt see my brother again for 8 years" Craig: "By then......he and his Dugtrio were bums living under a bridge" Craig: "Simon: i DONT want you to end up like your Uncle Dwayne" 8:16 Superdawnfan Violet: "and no one died in the process of discovering anything, medicines, poisonous fruits, and everything... So what there's gambling you think he'll make money that he'll be a better person selling fruits in the middle of nowhere?! being raised by his dad doing NOTHING never ding anything is what's good for him never getting independence tell me how is it better?!' *the teenage girl than slaps the grown adult* Violet: "things will end out the same if not worse I'm going *she goes and runs* Catherine: "WAIT!" Catherine: "You come back and apologize to this man right now!" 8:18 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "VIOLET!"

  • and this is why its taking so long for them to get anywhere; Violet's going around running away and slapping adults*

8:18 Superdawnfan

  • lol sorry but I'm trying to be in the character I established*

Catherine: *Drags her back* What do you want!? 8:19 Nobody else wanted this username

  • i know i know*

Simon: "Y-...j... you just....AAAAAARGH VIOLET!"

  • he storms off*
  • frustrated that his sleep has been ruined and his dad slapped straight unconscious*

8:20 Superdawnfan Violet: "What?! come on!" Catherine: "Now you get to bed young lady!" 8:22 Nobody else wanted this username

  • the next day; the day is unhappy*
  • both teenagers are under the watchful eye of their parents and not permitted to leave their homes*

8:23 Superdawnfan Violet: "Why Should I be grounded for making a point? So what I slapped him... maybe he got some sense knocked into him" 8:24 Nobody else wanted this username (well first of all Violet; MANY people have died in the name of discovery. Fire/Guns/Industrialization/The Atom Bomb/etc. So that point you made doesnt exist...) 8:26 Superdawnfan Violet: everyone has to die sometime. gambling isn't wrong if you're not reckless. Fear and pain people get screwed over... staying at home never learning how to take responsibility for yourself doesn't let you grow into an adult Catherine: And I trust you not to be reckless because...? 8:27 Nobody else wanted this username (exactly) (its the kettle calling the pot black) 8:27 Superdawnfan Violet: if you'll excuse me I thought things out VERY well! I even almost took a hosta-Companion Catherine: I'm very aware Catherine: Which is why you got caught in the middle of the night in another guy's house while simon seemed oh so willing to go with you Violet: "No comment" 8:29 Nobody else wanted this username (eh it was complicated for Simon; most people dont get woken up so late at night by your neighbor who ran off and is suddenly back and blabbing on about a plan she doesnt actually have) 8:30 Superdawnfan Catherine: I am taking you there and you will apologize for slapping an adult and nearly kidnapping his son Violet: Would you Reallllllllllly call it that? 8:34 Nobody else wanted this username

  • meanwhile at the Crowe house*
  • Simon sat in his basement*
  • ignoring all his father's plea's to talk it out*
  • Simon simply sat in the basement; furious with the invisble metaphorical collar and leash around his neck*
  • he wants so badly to just throw it off and leave; be the trainer he knows he's meant to be*
  • he stares out the window; longing for better days*
  • over at the Watson house; a knock rattles the door*

8:37 Superdawnfan

  • Catherine Opens the door*

8:38 Nobody else wanted this username

  • a hunched over; lab-coated granny with purple beehive hair*
  • Professor Beatrice Seqouia herself; the well respected regional pokemon professor*

Sequoia: "Catherine?" 8:38 Superdawnfan Catherine: "Oh BEATRICE What did you need me for...?" Catherine: "it's been awhile since you've come to visit I assume you've had much research done since then" 8:39 Nobody else wanted this username Sequoia: "Oh these old bones have been quite busy with some Tangela subjects....experiments and all. I heard that Violet's been causing you some ruckus about wanting to leave home?" 8:42 Superdawnfan Violet: "YES I DO BUT I HEAR IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE... AND I'M SAYING THAT BECAUSE I READ THE HANDBOOK! DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE I WAS VINE WHIPPED AND HAD SOME OF MY HAIR BURNED OFF. NOR NOT THINKING AND JUST JUMPING INTO THE ILD WITHOUT EXPERIENCE

  • Wild

8:42 Nobody else wanted this username

  • she puts her hand up to slow and silence the crazy girl*

8:43 Superdawnfan Catherine: I mean she's had to go some time and I'm worried about her she doesn't know how to protect herself but I'm scared she'll just keep repeating her behavioral patterns 8:43 Nobody else wanted this username Sequoia: "Violet; the world is not your oystery. You may be excited to go out; but you cannot charge in will only bump into every tree you see.....I see potential in you; but you need to curb your to-the-wind-ness" 8:43 Superdawnfan Violet: "then what do you suggest? it's not like I can learn without failing a few times" 8:45 Nobody else wanted this username Sequoia: "I suggest that you and Simon travel together if you two are to leave town. Yin cannot exist without Yang. You both can learn something from each other I think"

  • she waves and heads off to the Crowe house*

8:48 Superdawnfan Catherine: b-b-but Violet: You heard her old woman- Maybe I'll learn and maybe everyone will stop being so uptight *humph* 8:49 Nobody else wanted this username

  • Beatrice knocks on the door and is greeted by Craig*

Craig: "Profesor Seqouia; what a suprise! What brings you to my house?" Seqouia: "Well Craig i heard last night's commotion and decided that its time for me to step up and put in my two cents. I think its time Craig; let Simon go; let him do his own thing. Your afraid he'll leave you like your brother did but Simon is not your brother. He's your son. You taught him well. The boy will be travling with Violet for company; he can learn something from her just like she can learn something from him" Craig: "I.....w-" Sequoia: 'Trust me Craig. I wouldnt be a professor if i wasnt smart enough to study people and pokemon. I trust them both. Have your son down to my lab by 2"

  • she walks off*
  • just as she asks; at 2 o clock. Simon and Violet are brought in*

Seqouia: "Simon. Violet. Good seeing you two kids here. Today's a big day. Me and both your parents had a talk. We've all decided that you two both need to learn some lessons out in the world - together. So today; if you two are ready; we are ready to hand you your first pokemon on your quest to be a trainer" Simon: "......EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH  :)

  • he starts running around; hyped up by the good news*

8:56 Superdawnfan Violet: See? the professor was gonna give to two random teens! TOLD YA SO 8:56 Nobody else wanted this username

  • jumping up and down*
  • Sequoia presses a button opening a pod with 3 pokeballs*

8:57 Superdawnfan Violet: Now which choices do we have? 8:57 Nobody else wanted this username

  • Pokeball 1 - LoTad*
  • Pokeball 2 - Litwick*
  • Pokeball 3 - Bounsweet*

8:59 Superdawnfan Violet: well bounsweet and Lotad are cuter and have the cutest names awww it's so hard to choose *not deciding what to do in 5 seconds for once in her life lol* 9:00 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Well seeing as grass types are easy to catch around the area; i likely would get one soon enough as is....soooo..."

  • he grabs the Lotad ball*

Simon: "This one" 9:01 Superdawnfan Violet: "I'll take the bounsweet! if he's taking lotad!" 9:04 Nobody else wanted this username

  • She is handed the Bounsweet ball*
  • they are both handed some cash, pokemon kibble, pokeballs to catch pokemon with, backpacks, and pokedexes*

Sequoia: "Stay strong. And never lose the spirit to keep getting better"

  • and with those words; the kids were on their merry way on Route 5 out into the unknown*
  • heading north to Plainsville*

Simon: "ohmygodimactualyatrainernowthisisaweomseiwonderifillegetsomepowerfulpoemoneandbadgesandmeetprettygirlsandeeeeeviolethisissocool" 9:10 Superdawnfan Violet: "You are like the biggest dork on the universe you are aware of that right?" 9:11 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "*stopping and taking several deep breaths* sorry...I happy; im really happy" Simon: "Even after you...slapped my jerk" 9:12 Superdawnfan Violet: TO BE FAIR... if he wasn't slapped and I didn't start a fight the professor wouldn't have noticed us and we would be living in basements Violet: I am a free spirit and I get repaid for it! See? my actions have no consequences I get repaid for living the life and just chose to take you with me 9:14 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "My dad is never inviting you over again" 9:15 Superdawnfan (Somehow I feel she's learning the wrong lesson) (I just can't put my finger on what's wrong with it though) 9:16 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "No matter. Plainsville is in 10 miles. We'll be there by dinner" Simon: 'Keep your eyes out for- HOLYSHITTHERESAWILDPOKEMON

  • a Spearrow pops out of the grass and makes bird noises aggresivly at them*

9:17 Superdawnfan Violet: you act like you've never seen one before! OW OW OW YOU WILL NOT RUIN ME LIKE THAT CHARMANDER DID OR MAYBE IT WAS A MAGIKARP! 9:18 Nobody else wanted this username (crap i forgot to put that in parnethsisis my bad) 9:18 Superdawnfan Oh lol 9:18 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Stand back! I got this! Go Lotad!

  • Lotad springs out*
  • looking like an adorable Lilypad Duck Pancake that it is*

Simon: "Blast this bird with Water Gun!"

*Lotad fires*
  • but Spearow easily dodges*
  • and Pecks Lotad for a OHKO Crit*

Simon: "....  :( "

  • he steps back*
  • to let Violet try it*

9:20 Superdawnfan Violet: go Bounsweet! um uh let's see your moves *checking her pokedex as she did not study her own pokemons moves and it's violet did you honestly expect her to?* Violet: uh use rapid spin! 9:21 Nobody else wanted this username

  • Bounsweet begins to spin around; hitting the Spearow multiple times*
  • it flees; quitting the fight*
  • so....half-victory*
  • you won by making a bird run away*
  • lol*

9:22 Superdawnfan Violet: GODDAMN IT!

  • the cherry looking things looks at violet upset* Sweet?

Violet: Go ahead return *sighs* 9:23 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "......" Simon: "Lets hurry to Plainsville" 9:23 Superdawnfan Violet: what's wrong? 9:26 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Whats 'wrong' is that my Lotad got beat in ONE hit!" Simon: "I need to train his defense big time!" 9:28 Superdawnfan Violet: I got a high pain tolerance from getting hit a lot some say I'm the clumsy type I just consider it that I want to be used to the pain Violet: *Grabs and drags him* I've learned to run away better than anyone I know! *she says getting closer to town* 9:29 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "....... uggggh"

  • literally dragging him along*

9:30 Superdawnfan Violet: What's your issue?! 9:31 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Im thinking that exact same question now that you mention it" 9:32 Superdawnfan Violet: "GASP! Exqueeze me?!" 9:32 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Yes. Your like a Fenikin souped up on sugar. Your bouncing from one subject to the next and i just dont have the energy for it" 9:34 Superdawnfan Violet: Well fine be that way... *Rolling eyes* you said we need to get there quick and that you need to fix things and I told you I'm good at things is that so upsetting?! 9:35 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "...."

  • he's quiet as he's dragged along*
Simon: "We're coming right back her to catch pokemon later"

here* Simon: "So dont get comfy in town"

  • they arrive in the borders of Plainsville*
  • small houses, gym, mart, center, museum*
  • a small clean pond*
  • what a nice simple first town*

9:36 Superdawnfan Violet: I might not be the smartest the most charismatic or the most athletic but I try when was the last time you did anything yourself hell you needed to get dragged here and for me to fight with your dad for things to happen and you STILL blame everyone but yourself Violet: It It's BEAUTIFUL! usually all I see are a bunch of locked doors I'm so ready! 9:37 Nobody else wanted this username

  • he shakes out her grip* Simon: "Slow down Sugar Rush; were in town now. Start behaving yourself. This is where people will start judging you as a trainer"

9:38 Superdawnfan Violet: you're right maybe I can show them how good I am at chasing birds away 9:38 Nobody else wanted this username

  • some locals wander around; some with grocceries*
  • ask any of them for information?*

9:39 Superdawnfan Violet: HEY WHERE'D YOU GET THAT STUFF?! WHAT IS IT?! CAN IT ANYWAY HELP MY POKEMON TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS *she says shaking the innocent civilians like a child* 9:39 Nobody else wanted this username

  • they flee immeditly*

Simon: ".....ok; lets leave the talking to other people bit to me. Mkay?" 9:40 Superdawnfan Violet: But it's been so long since I've seen real people! Violet: well besides you doofus, being homeschooled, never going outside, and being told that every single thing is dangerous, right in a town in the middle of nowhere, sort of threw off my social skills but I can adapt (Seriously how the hell do people in pokemon games socialize lol?!) 9:43 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "....I dont know if your mother raised you like that; or was forced to keep you like that for the good of the town" 9:45 Superdawnfan Violet: Shut up Dorkus Violet: you act like everything is so easy being tame we may not be kids but we're not adults and are still learning 9:47 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Well; one of us isint" Simon: "Let me try" Simon: 'Excuse me; sir? Can you tell us about this town?" Male Townsfolk: "Well you two; welcome to Plainsville. It aint much; but its calm and quiet. I like it" Male Townsfolk: 'We got a Museum of Natural History if your into that sorta stuff" 9:48 Superdawnfan Violet: it's probably something plain and has normal type themes here if it's known for it's plainness has to be boring.... calm isn't good it just means no one is complaining look at communism just because you don't hear emotion doesn't mean it's not there Violet: I hate this place already.... *whining* (Aww the town is so pretty then when it's described to her she hates it lol) 9:50 Nobody else wanted this username (whats funnier is that her comments suggests that communism is and or was a thing in the pokemon universe) (lol) 9:51 Superdawnfan (lol) 9:51 Nobody else wanted this username Male Townsfolk: 'Well your not wrong; our gym IS Normal Type themed"

  • Simon flicks her on the nose* Simon: "Stop being rude to him"

9:52 Superdawnfan Violet: and flicking noses in public like a child is polite? 9:53 Nobody else wanted this username Simon: "Its how my dad dealt with rude children" Simon: "Anyways; sir, could you tell us more about the gym?" Male Townsfolk: "Well our Normal Type gym is also a retirement home for former elite pokemon masters. They may be past their prime; but at one point those men and women were the finest" Male Townsfolk: 'The gym leader, Dale Horowitz; was even an Elite Four member over 50 years ago" 9:55 Superdawnfan Violet: if he's so old and not half as good at it and pretty much wants to give up why the hell be a gym leader why not just stop when they have nothing left to do? 9:58 Nobody else wanted this username Male Townsfolk: 'Because even in old age; his spirit to battle hasnt faltered one bit" Male Townsfolk: "Dont take him living in a retirement home as a sign of weakness" 9:59 Superdawnfan Violet: I don't half the work is on the pokemon anyways Violet: So we've got some useful info now let's go and heal our pokemon excuse me can you tell me where a nearby center is? 10:00 Nobody else wanted this username

  • he points to one*
  • If you could save this great ille be on afternoon see ya tomorrow*

10:01 Superdawnfan Violet: Thanks for the information...